2010-08-25 ESKit v1.2.2 released! This release brings one bug fix, and removes some warnings
2010-07-20 ESKit v1.2.1 released! This release brings compilations problem fix.
2010-04-13 ESKit v1.1.1 released! This release brings two bugs fix, and removes all the warning emitted by GCC in the previous versions
2010-04-08 ESKit v1.1.0 released! This release brings one new feature, one bug fix and an API change.


ESKit is a portable library written in C, that provides implementations of some self-adaptive evolution strategies in C. It features:

  • Simple API
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • 3 self-adaptive evolution strategies : Isotropic CSA-ES, CMA-ES, Separable CMA-ES
  • Implementation strictly follows the published papers introducing those evolution strategies
  • Performs as in the published papers
  • Benchmark program
  • Can optionaly uses LAPACK

ESKit is licensed under the MIT license.


The latest release is ESKit v1.2.2, released on 2010 August 25.


The ESKit source repository is hosted at

To check out the latest source:

git clone git://